Beijing to Yangquan China

Road to Yangquan

I arrived at Beijing at 11.30pm and was the first out of Customs. I smiled happily at everyone standing waiting and hopefully read every notice looking for my name. No one there to meet me. I rolled out my cart and walked up and down for over an hour, then checked the accommodation desk for a hotel which I found for 280 yuan with free internet and a free ride to the hotel. I decided to give them until 2am before taking the room.

As I started opening the laptop to look for a china phone number, my lift walked up. They had been waiting at the other airport and apologised profusely for being so late. It was now almost 2AM.

We returned to the other airport by the Airport Bus, then went looking for a Hotel. They had not booked accommodation and the place we were led to did not suit. There was some Meeting in beijing so cars with odd numbers were not permitted in the city the next day so the car started to go towards Yangquan. We stopped once for petrol but traveled the entire 6 hour journey stopping at a Mine Cafe for breakfast of a huge bowl of noodles and fried pancake with bean paste, which was delicious.

It was well after 9am when we got back to the school. The last hour was through very heavy traffic and we had missed the huge traffic jams with the many trucks along this highway by traveling at night, but now I was exhausted. It took me 4 days to get over the travel lag and I was tired all this time.

The sunrise was taken from the traveling vehicle over the mountains where there is the Yangquan part of the Great Wall of China. I hope I get to see it this time.

Yangquan Transportation:

By Air:  Located between Taiyuan and Shijiazhuagn, it only take 1 hour to arrive to Taiyuan Airport or Shijiazhuang Airport.

By Train:  The Shitai Railway pass through the whole Yangquan city and linked Yangquan with JingGuang Railway and Tongpu Railway, there are trains to and from Taiyuan, Beijng, Tianjin, QIngdao, Shanghai, Tangshan, Shijiazhuang. City bus line 1,4, 16, 21, 22, 25, 402 can reach the Yangquan Train Station.

By Bus:  there are many express way pass through Yangquan, it only take about 3 hours to went to Beijing..