Winter in Korea

I was living at Nonsan in South Korea and these photos come from that first year in Korea and my first experience of snow in Korea

The Baekje Military Museum was very interesting and it was here that I went to find it covered in snow

Leaving Baekje Military Museum

The Baekje Military Museum

Baekje Military Museum

General Gyebaeks Tomb

The tomb of general Gyebaek


I was teaching English at a local school, and these icicles were on the passageway between the classrooms…


The School Garden in the snow…

River Bank Levee

River Bank Levee…holding wall beside the river at Nonsan

Bank Blocks

Boat frozen River

A boat frozen in the river

Iced Boat

The River has iced over completely freezing the boats moored in the River

Fallen icicles

Fallen Icicles

Frozen Footsteps

Footsteps in the snow