Korea has some wonderful mountains to climb. Every weekend Koreans are climbing mountains somewhere. This was a very popular mountain and always full of hikers

Every Picture Tells a Tale


I climbed this entire mountain because of Kim, another English Professor who virtually dragged me up the mountain insisting that I must see the peak, which I stood proudly on top of looking like I had no effort. It was very difficult.

End of the Climb..The Summit

I was to climb the mountain a few more times with different people, but I did learn that you can take a cable car up and walk down, or climb up and take the cable car down. The first time I climbed it was the first mountain I climbed in Korea, and also my first outing. I had taken a Teach English position at a small Hagwan an English School where students went after school to do homework and extra schooling from 4-9Pm and also to learn English. I was the English Teacher.

I lived with the Baek Family, who owned the business and because they had…

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