Mangroves on Lamb Island Point

I am back on Lamb island…my home.


The Point is the tip nearest  Stradbroke Island which you can see ahead. When it is low tide like it is here, it looks as if you can walk across. Between Lamb and Stradbroke Island is a channel  used by yachts and boats so it is not as close as it appears nor as shallow.

Rocks and RootsThe shore is all rocks…white quartz, red crocks and some smaller ironstone black rocks that are magnetic. There are roots from the mangroves and the occasional driftwood or shell. Yesterday I found some green coral, and also some jellyfish. Often there are rocks with tiny oyster shells but the birds have already reached the oysters.


Mangroves live in this area with their roots out of the water when the water is low. They have adaptations for living in salt..shallow roots and breathing roots and mechanisms for ridding the plant of salt.



The shapes and forms of the mangroves are very unique…twists and turns, winds and curls and writhing shapes that are amazingly beautiful in form and color. There are intricate and amazing tree sculptures…agonizing amid their wild beauty.

IMGP3126 Mangrove trees

Then you follow the path back to the top of the island and leave the solitude of the mangroves to the crabs and dragon flies and the midgees


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