Weather Station at Charleville

The weather Station at Charleville is a Manual one where all, or most of the data is recorded daily manually by a person.

The recording is done as a free tour where visitors can actually see what is happening as it is done, then the data is recorded on the Computer, and finally at 9.15am every day, the weather balloon is released into the atmosphere where it records the moisture in the atmosphere.

From the balloon information is automatically sent to the computer where we were able to see the progress of the balloon, the speed and wind direction and also the moisture content. This date is recorded until the balloon finally bursts at which stage it can be as large as a room, increasing in size as it goes further into space.

At the same time at every weather location in the world, a balloon is released.

The information is then used to calculate world weather….projections can be made from the information sent from these weather balloons, which eventually burst and fall somewhere onto earth or get lost in the water.

The white line represents the wind and the red line represents the moisture in the air. The more apart they are, the dryer the atmosphere.

The flattened part here in the image is where the balloon reached a flat cloud protector area where it was hotter and dryer, and this gets recorded on the information sent by the balloon. In the few minutes we watched the data the balloon rose 8.5 metres. It will travel a further 500 or more, depending on how long the balloon lasts.

Fascinating stuff… was very interesting