Mitchell Queensland,_Queensland

Mitchell is a town in the Western Downs district of South West Queensland, Australia. It is on the Warrego Highway, 587 kilometres west of Brisbane and 176 kilometres east of Charleville. At the 2006 census, Mitchell had a population of 944.

26.483°S 147.966°E

The Warrego Highway passes through town to form the main street, Cambridge Street. The Maranoa River flows around the northern and eastern sides of the town before eventually flowing into the Balonne River.

The town services the local area, a cattle and sheep farming district

The town is named after Sir Thomas Mitchell explorer and Surveyor General of New South Wales, who explored the area in 1846. In 1854, Edmund Morey established the property of Mitchell Downs. When the original homestead was largely destroyed by a flood in 1864, Thomas Close acquired the building’s ruins established the Maranoa Hotel. On 1 January 1865, Mitchell Downs Post Office opened and around 1878, was renamed Mitchell Post Office.

The Artesian Spa


The Great Artesian Spa was opened in 1998 and is situated in the town’s aquatic centre. There are two pools of artesian water, one heated and the other designed for those who prefer a cooler experience. Both spa pools have been designed with disabled access in mind and facilities include a chairlift to allow easy access for physically disabled people.

The water used in the spa pools is renewed regularly and comes from the Great Artesian Basin, which is one of the largest artesian basins in the world, which underlies around one-fifth of Australia. It covers a total area of more than 1,711,000 square kilometres, and has been relied upon for the town water supply since 1927

The water supply for the town comes from three bores. The depth of the bores is about 1,000 metres. The water is pumped into a large concrete water tower on the western side of the town. The water is hot when it emerges from the ground, and in the tank it is about 50°C. Houses close to the tank, have free hot water. In fact it is necessary to cool the water before it can be used

We arrived about 7pm driving through from Birdsville…and stayed at the Courthouse Hotel… with its amazing collection of Outback Australia and nostalgia

There are many hotels and accommodation places in Mitchell but the friendly Courthouse has a charm that is hard to resist…the room was comfortable and costs $45 a night. The male team stayed in a 4 bed family room which was excellent. My deepest thanks to a wonderful young lady who was so kind to a very tired traveler. She even brought my meal to the room so I could use the wireless internet. It was much appreciated.