Birdsville and The Birdsville Track

I arrived at Birdsville as part of a 6 Roadtrain Convoy…and we are now cammped at Clifton Hills while the team drill a bore. This will take approximately 6 weeks.. I am the Camp Cook and cooking and washing for the team
Yesterday I drove one member back to Birdsville to fly back home with a sprained ankle.
I was able to visit the Information Centre which is full of great stuff about the area…I have maps and places to see and also a great book about the history of the area from the first exploration of Burke and Wills, who actually died here after naming the Great Stony Desert where we are now located drilling for water.
The first 70 kms out of Birdsville is dusty white roads thick with bulldust. If there is a breeze, it blows away and vision is fine, if there is no breeze, it clings heavy and whiote like mist and vision is very bad. Yesterday there was a Ute Rally and over 50 utes passed me as I drove into Birdsville….everyone waving to me and me waving back till my hand hurt…50 of them and one of me going the opposite way…Grin!!
Along the side of the road are wildflowers..this is the Stretzleki Desert…sand hills and some wildflowers and bulldust. It is very beautiful now with flowers and small plants along the roadside.
The next 140 kms..and another 100 to Murrarri…is rocks and a very rough ride bouncing along trying to keep on the tracks made by other vehicles…and here too there is dust. This time, the dust is red and the edges are with less green and mostly rock. The rocks are called Gibber rocks…and the desert is like a mosaic of rocks…the name Stony Desert is very apt.

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