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Slideshow of my photos of Lamb Island…my home

Lamb Island Queensland Australia Slideshow: Marguerite’s trip to Lamb Island Queensland (near Cleveland) was created with TripAdvisor TripWow!

Originally called Ngudooroo, Lamb Island has a similar history to the other bay islands. After millennia of indigenous occupation, it attracted timbergetters and oystermen in the early days of the Moreton Bay settlement. Farmers followed once the area was opened to settlers in the 1860s and a century or so later residential and holiday landowners moved in.

Clark’s Point is named after early oysterman Edwin Clarke, who worked his oyster beds on the eastern side of the island in the 1860s. like so many other early oystermen, Clark also burnt the shells for lime. Lucas Passage is named after another oysterman, Thomas Lucas.

The first land was released about 1866 with intending lessees including none other than the first Premier of the new State of Queensland, RGW Herbert. However, his application for a lease under the coffee and sugar regulations did not proceed. By 1871 the island had its first freehold owner, John Harris. John and his brother George had a shipping and importing business in Brisbane from the late 1850s to the 1870s. By the end of the 1880s the land had been subdivided and the resulting land parcels had been mostly taken up by farmers by the turn of the century.

Pineapples were introduced to the islands from Hawaii in 1905, and the Lovell, Hine, Brook and Robertson families were noted growers. They did not restrict themselves to a single crop, though, and like most farmers also grew bananas, tomatoes, and pawpaws and, later on, passionfruit and avocadoes .

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