Maidenwell Observatory

This is  where you come to get a  ‘hands-on’ introduction to the night sky and look through
powerful telescopes of the Moon, Planets and Stars.

Best times to view the stars, moon and planets are listed under Working Dates in Main Menu at left.

Transit of Venus is on June 6. Bookings are still being taken.Ph 4164  6194 now!

Astronomy Week and Partial (98%) Solar Eclipse tour on Norfolk Island

Last night I had a wonderful experience.The Maidenwell sky was clear and bright with a shining half moon.

The Observatory Telesopes are set inside a room where the roof slides away for clear views of the sky.

Sirius, the brightest star in the sky was visible and is the collar of the dog.

I cannot remember the other stars but I saw the constellations of Leo, Libra, Virgo and Scorpio

Then the moon through the telescope where different craters were named. It was very beautiful

Finally I saw different stars as was thrilled to see the rings of Saturn, the Jewel Box with 3 different colored stars, and the cluster of 6 million stars which was absolutely amazing.

Their next big day is 6th June when Venus will travel across the sky.

I will add my photos later…

The Observatory was a wonderful experience and the drive to Maidenwell quite easy from Brisbane along the Warrrija freeway which also goes to Toowoomba


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  1. PS it is the Warrego Highway – not the Warrrija Freeway but great article. I have been to Maidenwell Observatory twice now. I live in Brisbane and I don’t think many Brisbane people know about it. But I was able to connect my camera to the telescopes and I took PHOTOS OF THE MOON ON MY CAMERA!! I was there til like 3am (by choice) and the host was great; he is SO passionate about the skies. I get the impression he is usually up this late at night. To readers who might make plans to go in the future: Take warm jumpers/dress warm!


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