Maidenwell Astronomical Observatory

Maidenwell Astronomical Observatory is a public stargazing attraction.

The observatory is located 28 kilometres south of Nanango and east of the Bunya Mountains in the rural town of Maidenwell – the most popular astronomy and stargazing centre in Queensland.

On any cloud-free moonless night the skies light up with a trillion stars as Maidenwell has no light pollution (sky glow) from street lights. Stars, moon, planets and constellations are clear and crisp in the observatory’s three 14-inch computer assisted telescopes.

During your night visit you get an intensive guided tour of the night skies with the astronomer, he tells you what you are looking at. If it can be seen with the naked eye, he will point to it with his green registered laser pointer. Even your star sign constellation will be pointed out if its visible.

They also have a 70 seater air conditioned Star Theatre where they show you various videos of Astronomy and the Sun live on big screen.