Tingalpa Dam Cleveland




Tingalpa Creek runs for 11.5 kilometres from below the Tingalpa Reservoir, down to Moreton Bay. Canoeists are fortunate that there are
launch sites at the upper sectiom, the middle, and down at the Bay. In the upper section, there is a choice of an informal launch site at the
rocky bar at Capalaba West Park, or another informal site at the small park opposite Killarney Crescent and Erin Streets.
Perhaps the best option is to launch at the Chadwell Street ramp and paddle with the rising tide (mid tide on) up to the road bridge on Old
Cleveland Road. This is a 6.5 kilometre paddle one way. The concrete ramp can be a little muddy at lower water. The creek passes through
very pleasant country, and the tall creekside vegetation means that it is possible to be paddling in shadow, out of the sun, for at least half of
the time.
At the 4.6 kilometre mark, Coolnwynpin Creek can be seen on the eastern bank, as a side channel under close overhead vegetation. Within
the next kilometre, is a small island, and the eastern channel offers the deepest, and clearest passage. The rocky bar just downstream from
the highway, at 6.5 kms, is clean flat rock, on a sand and gravel creekbed, with no mud to be seen. The water flows clear and clean over a
few rocks here, just deep enough to paddle over, or easy to portage at lower or falling tides.
From the bar, it is 1.5 km up to the dam wall, with an optional informal exit point 300 metres short of the wall at the Killarney Crescent