My Island Home at Lamb Island

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My Island Home on Lamb Island

The adventure starts with a ferry ride from Redland Bay Marina….its called a waterbus.

The ticket will cost $8.40 to travel to any of the islands.

Inter island travel is $2.40.

There are 5 islands and Lamb Island is the second smallest and in the middle which means you can take any ferry going in any direction. The time is about 25 minutes on the water. Ferries start at 4.28am and end at 11pm so you can spend a whole day on, or off, the island if you wish.

To take your car or vehicle  across is more expensive. The vehicular Ferry costs $180 return and $92 if you are an island resident

You can land on any of the islands.

Russell Island is the largest and has many shops and activities. Macleay Island has a supermarket and a chemist and a Post Office, Real Estate Agent and a Cafe near the ferry jetty, and a Golf Club and a hotel and the Police. Lamb Island has a small shop near the jetty and a couple of B&B  and thats where I live along with another 250 residents who are mostly over retirement age. Its far too expensive to live on the island if you are a regular worker as the transport to and from the island  is so expensive, and parking on the mainland costs $1200.00 a year. Add car costs and registration to that and you can see why island life is palling for those in the workforce.

Many people have 2 cars..and park one on the mainland. I run one vehicle and when on the island have it here and travel to the mainland by public transport.


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