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For one island to be known as ‘the treasure of Moreton Bay’ it is quite a feat – considering the wonderful islands in this region. Yet, Lamb Island legitimately claims the title.

A tiny island of only two kilometres long, it is the second smallest of the Southern Bay Islands, and has a beautiful natural environment including a small rainforest. Sea eagles are known to nest here. It is a great place for taking it easy – walks on the beach, sandcombing or picnicking. There is a swimming enclosure towards the northern end of the island on the eastern side, and some very good bed and breakfast accommodations. A great place for a quiet getaway – and not far from Brisbane.

Access to Lamb Island is by ferry from Redland Bay.


Lamb Island, or Ngudooroo (paper bark tree) as it is known to the Aboriginal people of this area, is the second smallest of the southern Moreton BayIslands and is 1.5 km wide by 2.5 long with a population of approximately 350. Typical summer temperatures range from 18 to 28 degrees Celsius and in Winter from 11 to 21 degrees Celsius making Lamb Island the perfect all year round holiday destination.

This sub-tropical island has an abundance of native flora and fauna, and is edged with mangrove foreshores interspersed with sandy beaches. There are approximately 200 species of birds and an abundance of fish in the surrounding water. Fishing is a frequent past time of the locals who may be persuaded to disclose the favorite local fishing spots, preferred bait and appropriate tackle. 

Mozzies and midgies are present, as they are in all costal areas, particularly after heavy rain. They are most prevalent at dusk. 


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