Cane Toads in NT and Queensland

A silent war is raging between the residents of the Northern Territory and a menacing invader.
Cane toads have been steadily crossing through the NT for the last 20 years but it was only recently that the frontline reached Darwin.
Residents have taken up the responsibility of managing the environment and protecting the native fauna from extinction.
These “Toadbusters” — as they call themselves — are relying on people-power to exterminate or at least control toad numbers before they reach plague proportions…
But can the toads really be stopped or is their spread across Australia inevitable?
CQU’s Darwin correspondent, Cameron Jackson, reports… the video it is very informative


……………………The situation is the same in Queensland. In Dingo and at Lawn Hill there were numerous toads sitting outside where the light was. They have no natural predators and are now a pest.

Some crows have worked out how to eat them by pecking into the stomach and avoiding the poison glands, but mostly the toad lives prey free.

They send out a poison spray when they are attacked or walked on…and this is also their attack against any predator who finds them looking tasty.

This is a good method for killing the cane toads.

Currently the properties do not do anything, and the cane toads sit and gloat at night in circles confident of their ability to live another day