Phone Cards whilst on the Road


I have just discovered phone cards.

My prepaid  mobile costs me $1 a minute and the money I put in runs out far too quickly.

However, it is convenient  when it is in range, and I can also send and receive photos which I love.

Today Lenore sold me a phone card for $30.

Before I used it I went to find out the cost of using a phone card  and discovered all this which is not written on the back of the card.

Calls are 5c a minute. Sounds very cheap.


However, and this is what most people may not realise.

If you use the 1800 number that is a National line number, you get charged an added 15c a minute making the call 20c a minute not 5c

The second number..the 1300 number, adds a surcharge of 7c a minute, making the calls 12c a minute

The cheapest rate is to find out which city is your local call, and use that number. Then your calls are 5c a minute

For example I am now at Lawn Hill and Mt Isa is my local call number…..47395128

If I call that number instead of usin g the 1800 or the 1300 numbers, then my call will cost me 5c a minute…and that is cheap.


So you need to access the card information online, and find out which city is your local number and use that if you want to get the full value of your call.

Happy Calling !!!!

I am off to make my first call on my new access phone card