Kalkarindji – Wave Hill Station..Fossicking for amethyst, citrine and prehnite


Gemstones found in the Wave Hill area of Kalkarindji include Prehnite, Smokey Quartz, Agate, Jasper, Amethyst, Citrine crystal and Calcite.Citrine CrystalExtensive areas around here are under lain by volcanic rocks; these basalts contain geodes which decompose and weather out over time to form hollow lava encrusted boulders with their inner surfaces encrusted with crystals. These can be found either on the surface or buried in the soil. Where the boulder has been broken or decomposed banded red and white agate or quartz crystal remains.
Citrine Crystal found at Wave Hill
Where to Fossick
Wave Hill Fossicking Area lies within Wave Hill Station; The Designated Fossicking Area is designated as FA8 on the Northern Territory Government Department of Mines and Energy maps. Care must be taken not to interfere with cattle movement or other Station Activities.
Wave Hill area is completely closed to all fossickers between 31st August and March 31st due to Station operations. A Northern Territory Fossickers Licence is required to fossick in the Northern Territory. This is a available at many outlets at no cost at present.
Prehnite is found in this area too
View Mud MapFrom Katherine travel south-west along the Victoria Highway to Willeroo 126klm, turn left onto the Buntine Highway; travel 165klm to Top Springs, this is a bitumen roadway and the easiest way to Top Springs. An alternative route to Top Springs is via the Buchanan Highway, a gravel roadway between the Stuart Highway near Dunmarra and Top Springs; this is a distance of 182klm.
From Top Springs continue south on the Buntine Highway for 162klm, a further 8klm will take you to Kalkarindji; turn left at the 162klm onto the Lajamanu Road. Travel down this roadway for 4.1klm until you come to an old abandoned water bore (No.6)-cross the Grid which is just past the bore, turn sharp left and follow the fence to the creek. This area is the Prehnite Field which includes the creek bed and surrounding hills.
Fossicking Area Extension
An additional fossicking area is located a further 19klm south along the same track from the Grid just past the old water bore, a double steel gate will be found at this point-leave the gate as you found it-go through the gate for a further 2.3klm where there is a fork in the track. The track leads to a creek crossing; explore along the creek in either direction, some good specimens have been found here.
Ground Positioning System (G.P.S) – if you have a GPS use it to determine where Home Base is, you can become lost in the area very easily.
Camping is allowed on the designated fossicking areas; campers must be self sufficient, extra water is a must in the area as water is suitable for cattle only.
Vehicle Access
A 4WD is recommended; it is best to remain out of the area in wet weather.

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