Stotts Island NSW

Stotts Island

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I drove from Byron Bay back to Murwillumbah to leave Andre with his family, and because it was late, and also still raining, I decided to drive north. It was quite by accident that I saw the Stotts Island Camping area, which is free camping. I pulled in there, and parked the van and went exploring.



There is a Community hall where there were tables and chairs, toilets,  and a detailed noticeboard talking about the snail which is found here.

The river edged the clearing, and Stotts Island must be in there. I did not realise at the time that it actually was an island.

Chickens and a peahen roam the gardens and they were very friendly.  White ibis were by the river and I parked right next to the river and enjoyed the beautiful bush. Beautiful picnic spot and perfect overnight stay.





In a STOTTS ISLAND NATURE RESERVE – PLAN OF MANAGEMENT, March 2001, the National Parks and Wildlife Service,

describes the island as being about 160 hectares is size, and as preserving the largest remnant of subtropical floodplain rainforest remaining

in New South Wales. Floodplain rainforest is listed as an endangered ecological community under the Threatened Species Conservation Act