Gold Coast Queensland

The Gold Coast…view from Q2 Building Surfers Paradise

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This is the view of the Gold Coast as seen from the 77th floor of Q2


Surfers Paradise Queensland Australia

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The most beautiful and Commercial part of the Gold Coast.

I love this area and would like to live here one day, and maybe I will.



I stayed at the Hawaaian in Surfers…its apartments on a 12 story block right on the river.


The beach is across the road and a 10 minute walk from the apartments. The casino is a 20 minute walk up the road, and the shopping Centre is right there. Surfers and the main drag is 20 minutes in the other direction.

I went on the beach every morning and evening, as its a wonderful beach and a wonderful walk.





Q2, the tallest residential building in the owrld is here to and you can climb to the top of the 77th floor for a 360 view of the Gold Coast. Amazing experience and one not to be missed.


From here there are many trips and tours.

Last time I used the Bus tours which gave me 6 tours for the price of 5 or something like that, and I went to Brisbane, the Zoo, The Botabnnical Gardens, Springbrook and Tamburine Mountains, Byron Bay and also Noosa.

All were informative and exciting, and all were a day trip from Surfers.

You acn also go to Stradbroke Island and the theme parks which are numerous…Sea World, Currubin Bird Sanctuary, and all the other famous spots that tourists love to visit.


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  1. Really amazing place! I love your angle to take pictures. From top I could see more waves, that’s pretty cool. My sister studying in Australia, maybe Australia could be the first place I visit when I abroad. Anyway thanks for sharing Maggi, I hope I can go there quickly to visit my sister and Gold Coast too 🙂 And if you interested to visit Indonesia, you can check my blog for some reviews 🙂


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