Byron Bay NSW

Byron Bay Lighthouse NSW

It rained all night. I woke at 7am the sun had dried my canvas on the van, so I decided to go to the lighthouse and do the walk.


I was lucky to get a parking place almost at the top, and I walked up to the lighthouse. It was very beautiful.



I did not see the path dpwn to the beach, so did not climb the steps, but they are there. I did walk back to do the walk, but the rain started, so I went back to the van and the heavens opened. I drove to the very top and back down and it was stepp, windy, slippery and a bit scary, The view is fantastic.


The lighthouse cottages are simply wonderful. They are right on top of the hill next to the lighthouse and they would be fantastic to stay in.



I walked back down and back to the car, and as it was raining, I went driving to explore around Byrom Bay

Byron Bay NSW Australia

The rain was heav y.

Byron Bay is about 67 kms from Murwillumbah and I drove down some beautiful forest roads of green.


I booked Andre into the Backpackers right on the beach, where the back walked right onto some fantastic surf with a wreck visible at low tide.



It was beautiful.

We had lunch at a Lebanese Restaurant called ‘Orgiastic” which was wonderful, sitting in an open area with the rain splashing as it poured down in bucketfuls, drinking water and knowing we would get drenched wlaking back to the car.


I dropped him at the Hostel and went looking for somewhere to stay.

The caravan Parks I visited right on the shore were all full, so I decided to go back out of town when I saw the Tourist Village. I was delighted to take a powered site there amongst the Paper Barks, and to my delight there were ducks, Bush Turkeys, mynahs and white Ibis to look at.




There are 3 lakes on the property and it is 20 minutes walk from town. It was wonderful.