Byron Bay…Bilongil Beach..NSW

Bilongil Beach Byron Bay NSW

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Right next to the Tourist Village, where I was staying, and between the main beach, was a road that led to the Tree House. I was curious and drove there to find that the Tree House was a hotel and beach bar popular with the surfers. It was called Bilongil Beach, and a popular Surfer Beach.



I went exploring, as there was no parking anywhere in this vicinity, and further down was a residential and area with houses to let. I saw a couple of vans parked there amidst the overhanging trees, so decided it would be a good place for breakfast. I had a coffee and toast sitting there in the rain.



The beach just here is wonderful. It was high tide, so the waters were right up to the sand bank.

I learnt that at low tide, you could walk on the sands to the lighthouse, which you can see on the horizon,


There are many things to do in Byron Bay…diving, fishing, snorkelling, tours, and bird watching.

It is the easternmost point of Australia.