Mt Morgan Queensland Australia

Mt Morgan Gold Mining Queensland

Located 679 km north of Brisbane, Queensland, Australia and only 38 km west of Rockhampton, Mount Morgan must surely be the most charming former mining town in Australia.

At 240 m above sea-level the people of Mount Morgan enjoy a cool and breezy oasis amidst the flood plains of Central Queensland. Blessed with sufficient rainfall, close to beautiful beaches and only half hour from a city with an international Airport this small town (pop 2200) is an undiscovered Australian tourism icon.
Home to one of the world’s richest gold discoveries Mount Morgan’s history is a quintessentially Australian story. It tells of great hopes, vision and great tasks undertaken and accomplished. It tells of sacrifice and dedication.
From its earliest beginnings as a rough mining camp hastily thrown over the hills and valleys beside a fabulously rich gold, silver and copper ore body, Mount Morgan’s new residents carved out a home in the hills and a proud place in Australian history.
Mount Morgan’s great wealth flowed down the hill to Rockhampton and via the Fitzroy River to the sea and beyond, enriching all as it passed. Rockhampton’s grand buildings were built and Queensland’s young government and the financing of the new Australian Federation greatly assisted by its rivers of gold.
Mount Morgan’s wealth and the work of its hundreds of skilled workers drawn from all over the world built a great engineering works that brought industry to Queensland and helped lay the foundations of Australia’s international mining reputation and industrial capacity.
Mount Morgan’s people helped build Australia.
Today, the mine lies idle; the once mighty Ironstone Mountain, richest in the world has vanished, replaced with one of the world’s largest man made holes, filled with water it is 1000 metres long and 300 metres deep, a beautiful but deadly acidic blue lake.
The township of Mount Morgan lies across the Dee River from the old mine site, its grand buildings, museums, and community and sporting infrastructure a living testament to a magnificent pioneering past and the civic spirit of early Australian communities.
Today, Mount Morgan has little industry, but that community spirit lives on, this friendly little town has great natural beauty and there is much to see and learn of its remarkable past

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There is plenty of accommodation there.
I stayed at the Silver Wattle Tourist Park

I also went on the half day tour of the Town and the mines, which included a Mine Musem and the Beautiful but contaminated Dam