Toll Gates through Brisbane and Queensland

There is mo toll gate from here to the Airport, then there is one on the Gold Coast Direction.
That costs $4.60.
There is another toll further south depending on the route taken.

The system in Queensland is that one phones and makes a booking. I took a month’s pass.
Then when one goes through the toll gate it registers and the amount is taken from your credit card.
Its a good system as long as you are aware you cannot pay tolls at the gates and have to register.
If you have not registered then you need to phone them again and make the payment

Options for contacting go via

      Phone 13000 GO VIA [1 3000 46 842] Seven days a week – 7.00 am to 10.00 pm.

      Fax  1 300 55 99 20

      Post  PO Box 2125 Mansfield Q 4122