Queensland flood waters affect 22 cities the area size of NSW..and neighbors help to neighbors


With 22 cities and towns already affected by floodwaters in
Queensland, covering an area the size of New South Wales, there are
warnings the state could remain waterlogged for a month.

following the death of a 41-year-old Mt Isa woman,who drowned when her
car was swept into a river, police are again warning of the dangers of
attempting to cross or enter the floodwaters.

Emergency service
officials held a disaster management meeting in Brisbane yesterday
where acting commissioner Alistair Dawson warned Queensland could be
flood affected for a month.

Police say they’ll decide today if
they’ll continue their air, land and water search for a swimmer who was
reported missing in Rockhampton’s Fitzroy River early yesterday.

Authorities say 40 per cent of the city could be affected by the flood peak of 9.4 metres on Wednesday.

Bundaberg is moving on to the recovery stage after its worst flooding
in 40 years, and the flood waters are also receding in the central
Queensland city of Emerald, but it remains divided by the swollen Nogoa

In private homes problems arise as well....

My unit in the caravan park was not lived in when I was away and the man next door started using my grassed area for his parking.

This created Tyre tracks, and I asked him not to park his car there, so it could dry out.

When the rains were over-flooding the back road and pouring into the gardens, my nice neighbour dug an angular ditch that not only drained his excess water, but also all the water from the road making my lower area a bog-pond. I told the caravan park about this and was told to fill it in. I did with a pot-plant and 3 bricks, so at least the water flow would be curbed. He retaliated by removing my filling and making the whole ditch deeper and wider, and bow all the waters have drained into my grass and its stale water and a bog.

The voice of a woman is weak, and I have either to accept that my area will stay a bog, or move away.

I am still angry because of the theft of all my pot-plants and purchased plants, including herbs and orchids by the neighbors and the man I asked to water the garden in my 3 month absence. Again, there is nothing I can do because,’they thought I was not returning’.

No plants and now a bog that is getting larger as the waters continue to drain into what was my garden..

Now the small grassed area and the back yard plants, which they did not steal, is dying because of draining stagnant water.

The effects of the flood affect people in different ways. I am
grateful that I still have my unit, but angry with the mentality of
Trailer residents which I now see as something out of ‘Deliverance’ with
frog-pond characteristics
. all croaking about their own little lives and sleep-holes, and taking what they can find like dung beetles in cow-pads.