Wheelers Reef Queensland Australia


At Wheeler Reef, On the Great Barrier Reef off Townsville, you can enjoy diving or snorkelling on some of the most pristine reefs. Wheeler Reef is an ideal location for certified divers, the novice diver or snorkellers. The maximum depth is 18m and the lagoon is abundant with an exciting array of marine life. Explore the myriad of gullies, canyons, caves and swim-throughs that this reef is famous for.

Underwater reefs host a multitude of corals, anemones and fish of all sizes, shapes and colors.

It is one of the best coral reefs in Australia with a high density of living corals.

A dive boat from Townsville called ‘Adrenalin Dive’ brings divers to dive the reef three times a week.

We moored our craft on their mooring. There are also two other moorings for smaller boats.

This is a protected reef called the ‘Green Zone’, a Marine Park where you can snorkel, dive and boat, but you cannot take any fish, even though they come to the boat and are tame enough to be handfed.

Wheelers Cay is a coral Island formed by crushed coral being pushed up into a small island, which is visible at Low tide, a haven for resting seabirds, mainly Tern and Booby birds in the evening.

The colors of the water is always a clear beautiful Aqua in the shallower waters, falling to a deep peacock blue in the depths. Darker streaks in the water mark the reefs below.