Magnetic Island Queensland Australia

Magnetic Island is just offshore from the city of Townsville, Queensland, Australia. This 52 km2 (20.1 sq mi) mountainous island in Cleveland Bay has effectively become a suburb of Townsville, with 2,107 permanent residents. The island is accessible from Townsville to Nelly Bay by ferry operated by Sunferries or one’s car can be transported via fantaSea. There is a large 27 km2 (10.4 sq mi) national park and bird sanctuary and excellent walking tracks can be taken between the populated bays and to a number of tourist destinations such as the World War II forts.

The island has long become established as a holiday destination with many hotels and several resorts in operation to cater for all levels of service. The public facilities and infrastructure on the island are managed by the Townsville City Council.

There is a regular Ferry Service to Magnetic island from Townsville, with 16 daily trips.

The contrasting landscape of this World Heritage listed island makes this natural destination truly distinctive. The rocky granite headlands fuse with the 23 bays and beaches studded with magnificent Hoop pine trees, creating a dramatic coastline. Visible from the sea, Mount Cook hovers above the eucalypt woods and green vine forests. The island provides the perfect setting for a unique escape.

Wake up each morning in the pristine ambience of Magnetic Island. Over two-thirds of the island is protected National Park providing a haven for the native wildlife, like rock wallabies, possums, and over 100 species of birdlife. Magnetic Island is home to Northern Australia’s largest colony of koalas living in the wild. Tropical fish and marine life live in the surrounding coral reefs and tranquil waters. Explore the land or the waters and discover the island’s unique surrounds.

Black Cockatoos were feeding in the trees. They are very lively and active.

When they fly there is a red streak under their wings.

Colorful Parrots swarm the foreshore seeking seeds from the Palm Trees