Fashan Village in PingDing China


Yesterday we visited Billy’s home and village at Fushan Mountains, two hours drive from Yangquan, an hour past Pingding over some beautiful mountain roads.
The village was situated in the centre of corn growing mountains, where the mountains were stepped into small fields for the growing of corn without irrigation.
The home of the villagers are all built of solid stone carted by themselves from the mountains. Some of the homes are enclosed with stone walls, others have smaller fences and each family has their own home with a courtyard where the corn is stored whilst being prepared for market.
Corn is stored on the flat stone roofs, and also in open bins made of branches, and some corn is plaited into sheaves of 6 and stored on the walls.
The corn is sold as corn to wholesalers.
Villagers lalso take plucked corn to the mill to be ground into flour for their own use.

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