High Speed Train from Guangzhou to Wuhan


High Speed (fastest) Train from Guangzhou to Wuhan

The world’s  fastest train is about to start from China from Saturday onwards. The average speed of this train is 350Km/hr which travels from Guangzhou to Wuhan and the total distance between these two cities is nearly 1069Km. Guangzhou is one of the famous and important business city in South China. By this fast train one can reach Guangzhou in just 3hrs which took for a normal train for 7 ? hrs to reach the destination.

The total speed of this train is comparatively high to that of the fast trains which are running from Japan and France. The average speed of the train from Japan is 243km/hr and the average speed of the train from France is 277km/hr. the special features of the train that is started from China are as follows:

* The construction of the train route is completed in 4 yrs.
* The fare charges of this train are 780 Yuan for 1st class passengers and 490 Yuan for the 2nd class passenger
* The first high speed network train is going to travel from Tianjin to China on the occasion of Beijing Olympics.

* The super high speed train can give a big competition for almost 38 air services from the southern airlines.
* The China officers are already planning to launch nearly 42 high speed trains from the country to various places.
* The high speed network is started with the help of other brand networks like Allstam, Siemens and Bombardiers..

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