Corn..from Crop to Market

Corn is the main staple food in Northern China.
It is too cold to grow rice, and the northern provinces mainly grow corn and Corn products are a big industry.
China Corn Oil Company Limited is the leading manufacturer of edible corn oil in the PRC. Our production volume of edible corn oil in 2007 and 2008 amounted to approximately 65,500 tonnes and 76,600 tonnes respectively, becoming the largest producer of edible corn oil in the PRC.

The corn is hand picked, and hand-cleaned by the farmers and then sold to the wholesalers. It is a family affair as farmers relax in the evenings clening the corn they have picked. Work is continuous on a farm in this harvest period.
Cleaning corn
The cleaned corn isdried, then the grains seperated and the corn is laid out on warm flat roads in the sunshine to dry. It is quite usual to see rows and rows of corn edging the main roads in this time of the Harvest.

From the road, the corn is shovelled into bags for sale.

Packing the corn