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Third largest Coal Mining Area in Asia

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Yangquan is the third largest coal mining district in China

Coal Mines

Yangquan, as one of the important mining area in China, is rich in mineral resources. Among 52 proven minerals, anthracite, ferrite, and bauxite are the top three and there are large quantities of high grade, easily accessible reserves of each. Yangquan holds the leading position in production of these three minerals in China.

Coal Mines

The coal mining area is 1051 square kilometers with reserves of 10.2 billion tons. The town has been built on coal, and Coal is the main industry in Yangquan. Most people who live here work for the Coal Industry. It provides all the power and services required for living.

Sulfide and bauxite has a reserve of 45 million tons, and 118 million tons respectively. There are also rich reserves of porcelain material, kaolin, clay, with a reserve of 177.4 million tons, feldspar 43.17 million tons, quartz 43.2 million tons and diopside of 500 million tons.

Yangquan plays an important role in the trades of coal mining, energy, heavy and chemical industries of Shanxi Province, which has been defined as the key area for investment by the central government in recent years. Yangquan has become an industrial city with coal mining and power generating as its backbone, electrolytic aluminum, metal magnesium, refractory and magnetic materials as leading industries.

In 2008, the annual output of coal reached 60.15 million tons, electricity generated 14.67 billion kWh, electrolytic aluminum produced 150,000 tons; iron powder material 13160 tons annually.

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