Shinaoshan Mountain Forest Park

Shinoshan Mountain

Shinaoshan Mountain Forest Park is located at the top of the Mountain of the same name, located about 10 kilometers from Yangquan. It is the highest point in Yangquan, standing at over 1000 meters above sea level, offering the best views around.  Shinaoshan Mountain was very famous during the War of Resistance against Japan, for it was one of main battlefields of  “the Hundred Regiments Battle”.

The main attractions include the monument to unknown soldiers who died during the battle, a memorial hall, the generals’ tomb, as well as other ancient temples. Here on top of the mountain, tourists can have a bird’s-eye view of  Yangquan City.


The Mountain area is all protected Natural Forest with native plants and natural settings. There are two calligraphy Sites, a tea house with the pagoda, and the Main Monument area which has 3 bronze memorials, the statue of the heroine and the magnificent Tower which is visible from all over Yangquan.

Stragetically placed lookouts give views all around and the Pavillion overlooks the township of Yangquan.

The Mountain  is also popular with local residents who come here to relax during their free time. Many people like to run up the mountain for their exercise. It is a very steep and testing climb. From the Main Entrance there are 999 steps to the very top of the mountain.

We took a car to the top of the mountain, walked to the Monument area and then down 999 steps back to the Entranc gate where th car waited for us. It was a dramatic climb with some amazing views.

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