Fishing in the Mountains

Yangquan is surrounded by mountains. This week has been the Autumn Festival with a three day vacation. Day 1 I was invited to dinner with the family of Zheng.

This is the day when Mooncakes are given as a gift and then eaten when the moon is full. I bought some mooncakes to take to the family as a gift of appreciation for their hospitality to me.

The next day I was taken for a days fishing to the mountains.

Twenty miles from Yangquan we arrived at some beautifukl mountains. We turned off where the railway bridge goes over the main road and then followed a dirt path down to the Reservoir where we spent the whole day fishing.

Mountain Fishing

We went to the market before we left and bought a selection of bread, meat and salty vegetables for a picnic lunch. We took hot water and green tea. It was delicious eating outdoors.

The weather was beautiful. We enjoyed a sunny day and the water was clear and reflected the mountains and the trees and the banks in perfect mirrors.

The Reservoir is a drinking water source and water for irrigation for Yangquan. The water drains into the reservoir from the mountains. The water is rich with fish but not on this day. We only caught some very small fish.

We passed a very old village which has now been relocated to modern apartment buildings.