River Garden Walk to Yangquan City

Yesterday I walked from the school to the City of Yanquan along the river on a walking path.


We walked for 30-40 minutes stopping to admire the wonderful gardens along the way.
There were a few people fishing near the bridge, and a couple of older walkers passed us as we strolled along, but mostly the walk was very quiet and there was nobody walking along with us.
The path runs besides the river and is edged with beautiful gardens. Nearer the city bridge, there was a maze, a paved area where older citizens write calligraphy using large brushes and water at 7am on most mornings, and there were some very beautiful ornamental lakes with water fountains and walk over bridges.
The entire walk from one end of the city and the bridge to the mountains, and the City bridge would be an area of about 5 kms…taking about an hour to casually stroll enhjoying the beauty around.
It was a very pleasant walk.
Lake beside river