Walk along the River

I went for my first walk alone along the River.

The river banks are set out in a beautiful garden which is lovingly maintained by gardeners and cleaned by a team of cleaners, who also patriol and collect rubbish from the roadside gardens to maintain its beauty.

River garden

It is very green right now and there were some roses, a red flower and a pink vine that added another color. The lawns are meticulously maintained and the feeling is one of peace and beauty.

The chinese love and value their gardens and all gardens are perfectly looked after and cared for.

There were lookout points along the walk where people sat and enjoyed the view. Small groups gathered to relax together and it was very peaceful and a haven. There was one man fishing.  There were a few elderly bike riders but mostly the people walked.

I walked past a roadside seller and bought a fake jade bracelet and smiled at the group of elderly who joined the group to talk with me even though they had no English, and I no chinese.

There is a huge bridge over the river for the vehicls, and under the bridge, there was a walking bridge. I walked across to the other side looking for a way to walk to the mountain. I walked up to the left for about 20 minutes passing the entrance to the vehicle bridge, but that looked too busy for s pedestrian. I walked back to the front of where my school was located. It is the highest point across the river, and then I made my way back to the walking bridge and back to the apartment