Shopping in the Main centre of Town

Shopping is very exciting in China
There are numerous large fashion shops and many small boutiques featuring individual styles and designs.
I was delighted to find shops with specials in my size..which is medium in Australia but very, very large in China.
The shops are many. One walks along a whole street of small dress shops with clothes ranging from teenage fashion and casual,sports clothes to very upmarket evening wear complete with fancy embroidery and sequins.
Beside the shops and stalls there are a few street stalls selling socks, stockings and T-shirts costing from 2 yuan to 20 yuan..very cheap by Australian standards. I bought 4 pairs of socks with great delight from a street stall and 6 very chinese designed tops from small boutiques. I will now be dressed in frills and layered fabrics with see through sleeves and floating panels.

fashion Shops