The Taste of Food in China

There is something wonderful about the food in China.

It has taste.

Every fruit and vegetable has its own unique flavor. You can taste the individual flavor of everything you eat here. Fresh fruit and vegetables are simply delicious.

I bought some eggplant, onions, ginger and one chillie. I sliced and cooked these in peanut oil with some chilli oil added for extra flavor. I was astounded at the delicious taste of my simple cooking.

Yesterday I bought some peaches and grapes. The grapes are rich with flavor and delightful to eat. I had forgotten how tasty fruit can be.

I also bought some melon like fruits and a fruit that looked like  a green apple  with the texture of a pear. I was told it is a mixture of both the apple and the pear.

All foods at restaurants are delicious. I do not buy the food at the numerous street stalls along the way, but they too look delicious.

I am also drinking green tea because it tastes so different in China. It is made from fresh tea leaves and each variety of tea has its own individual flavor. I now have 4 varieties of green tea and love them all.

China is the place for food…it all tastes wonderful

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